Barclay Bound..

Hey guys, so yesterday my family and I went to the Barclay Center to watch The Nets game. Normally for Palm Sunday my family makes a huge Italian Dinner but this year we did something different and decided to see a basketball game. Downtown Brooklyn is extremely beautiful so I took the  opportunity to take some pictures for my blog. Good idea, right?! WRONG! My brother’s goal was to jump into every picture I took. (emoji angry face) At first, I found it extremely annoying but looking back, some of these pics are  pretty hilarious. So today’s post is going to showcase the best of my brother’s photo bombs. Hope you all enjoy(:







Mid-yell telling my brother to stop.. hahaha

photo_3 (1)





This picture is priceless! Hands down my favorite one. ^^^^^^^
photo_5                                                                                                                Outfit Details:

Graphic Tee: // Jeans: OLD // Sneakers: Macys //Flannel: OLD // Necklace: Aldo Accessories // CrossOver: Marc Jacobs



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