Colorful Maxi…..
       Two years ago, I went to Florida to visit family for a week. During the week we went to the mall to go shopping and I purchased this top at LOVE CULTURE. This store is very inexpensive and it reminds me a lot like Forever21. Majority of my wardrobe is from Forever21, so if you didn’t know by now, that is my favorite store EVER!  At the time we didn’t have Love Culture in Staten Island, so I went alittle cray-cray and bought a bunch of cloths. I never EVER try cloths on, so when I went home to try this top on I didn’t care for it because it was extremely big. Just recently I came up with the idea to tie the bottom of the shirt (as you can see 
       Yesterday, I was pinning stuff on pinterest and I came across this cool website called To describe this site in a nutshell, it’s a blog that shows all different fashion bloggers. It’s pretty cool because you can pin the blogs you like. 
To follow my lookbook go too…

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